Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Perl Date::Manip::Date business day


# Creates /etc/cron.d file entries, one per month,
# for a program that should run on the previous
# day to last business day of the month.
# Uses Date::Manip::Date module, https://metacpan.org/dist/Date-Manip/view/lib/Date/Manip/Date.pod.
# 64board@gmail.com
# 2021-08-31
use strict;
use warnings;

use Date::Manip::Date;

sub cron_entry {

    my ($date) = @_;

    return $date->printf("30 19 %d %m %a\troot\t/opt/balmo_id/run.sh");


my @months = qw(Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec);

my $date = new Date::Manip::Date;

foreach my $month (@months) {

    print "Month: $month\n";

    # Get the last day of the month of current year.
    $date->parse("last day in $month");

    print 'Last day of the month: ', $date->printf('%Y-%m-%d, %a'), "\n";

    # Don't check time for business day.
    my $checktime = 0;

    my $offset = 1;
    # Case of last day of the month is not a business day.
    if (!$date->is_business_day($checktime)) {
    $offset = 2;

    # The pevious day to last business day of the month.
    $date->prev_business_day($offset, $checktime);

    print 'Previous business day: ', $date->printf('%Y-%m-%d, %a'), "\n";

    # The CRON entry, use CRON: label to filter the cron entries
    # from the output.
    print "CRON: ", cron_entry($date), "\n";


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