Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Chess 960 posible starting positions

Examples in several programming languages

All the positions with the standard ID number

Very good explanation of the rules

B   B   Q   N   N   R K R
4 * 4 * 6 * 5 * 4 * 1     = 1920

Bishops have to be of different colors (4 black squares, 4 whites squares).

There is only 1 possible position for the King and Rooks because it has to go
between the Rooks and there are only 3 squares available at that time.

Because the Knights change color when they move they could be interchanged
without any difference then 5 * 4 should be divided by 2 then
total number of positions = 960.

Tmux commands

# List sessions
# Alias ls
tmux list-sessions
tmux ls

# Create new session
# It is good practice to name sessions
tmux new -s right_window

# Detach a session
Ctrl-b d

# Attach a session using name
tmux a -t right_window

# Use mouse to select pane
Ctrl-b :
# then type
set -g mouse on

# Zoom a pane
Ctrl-b z

# Scroll
Ctrl-b [
# Quit

Backup bash script


Perl sort example

Sorting in Perl with user defined subroutines.

Perl Getopt::Std example

Example of using Getopt::Std module.