Thursday, September 30, 2010

Insert data into MySQL from a CSV file

LOAD DATA INFILE '/var/lib/mysql/btdata.csv' INTO TABLE btpl.parset FIELDS TERMINATED BY ',' LINES TERMINATED BY '\r\n' (idsystem, name, dataurl, description);

mysqlimport — A Data Import Program

The mysqlimport client provides a command-line interface to the LOAD DATA INFILE SQL statement. Most options to mysqlimport correspond directly to clauses of LOAD DATA INFILE syntax.

Invoke mysqlimport like this:

shell> mysqlimport [options] db_name textfile1 [textfile2 ...]

Command invocation for a CSV file exported from Excel:

mysqlimport --fields-terminated-by=, --ignore-lines=1 -u root -p rolling mbf_symbols.csv

For each text file named on the command line, mysqlimport strips any extension from the file name and uses the result to determine the name of the table into which to import the file's contents. For example, files named patient.txt, patient.text, and patient all would be imported into a table named patient.

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